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What's your favorite photograph? Take a moment and think about it. Is it of a childhood moment you treasure? Is it with someone you love? Is it perfect or perfectly imperfect

What does that mean you ask? Perfectly imperfect is one of my favorite family photographs. It's so much more than looking at the camera and having everyone smiling.

It's more than just what you look like.

It is an orchestration of life, of moments, of real people with real love in their hearts for each other. It's being in your moment. It's showing that deep down love that you have for another person. They say music is what emotion sounds like. Well, the perfectly imperfect photograph is what you will want to hold 10 years from now and savor the moment you hold in your hands. It transports you back to a time and place. There's nothing quite like it.

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There is no moment better than right now, for you and I to set aside some time and create something amazing for your family to cherish in the months and years to come.

Your family is perfectly imperfect, and it's beautiful just as it is.

I would love to begin planning your portrait session for your family. New parents love our "In A Year Collection" which includes four portrait sessions over an 18 month period.


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