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I don't know about you, but I can not wait for the rain to slow down, for the sun to break through the clouds, and for winter to go away. I am ready for spring and summer. I am ready for my toes to feel green grass, for the sun to shine on my freckled face, and for days of adventure with my family.

I'm ready. Ready for a new year, ready for change. Who's with me?

I bet many of you are. 

I met with a mom recently and ask her if she was ready for a new season, for sun and fun with her family. She smiled ear to ear and said, "Yes!" She went on to share that this was a big year for her family. It would be her son's senior year of high school. It was a year that always seemed "so far away" but it was here. The boy that used to scatter his Legos across the living room floor, the one that refused to eat his veggies, the boy that forgot to tell her about history projects due the next day...the one that stole her heart from day one was about to head off to college to make new friends, learn new skills for a career, and take care of himself.

What she said next was profound. She said she wanted this year to be a year of collecting moments. She wanted to make as many memories as possible, and savor this final year their family would all still be under one roof. She wished she could freeze time, just for a bit.

And that...I can help her with. I can help you with too. I can't keep them from growing up, but I can help bottle up moments for you. Real treasures.

If you have one of these amazing teens who will be celebrating a big year, class of 2017, contact me now. Favorite times for senior portraits are always April, May, and June. 

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